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InSinkErator Showroom Collection

The new Showroom Collection from InSinkErator offers a unique range of boiling hot water kitchen taps, These stunning taps can only be purchased from our showroom and not online. The amazing 3 in 1 kitchen tap offer you filter boiling hot water and normal hot and cold water. Once you have one you will never use your kettle again and your Tea will taste better than ever!

InSinkErator Showroom Collection


As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of food waste disposers. Disposers have long been at the heart of InSinkErator operations but in 2007 they expanded their kitchen products by offering revolutionary steaming hot water taps which offer instant hot water delivered to 98 degree centigrade. Their range is ever expanding and they are constantly pushing the boundaries to be the clear global front runner. To read more about the hot taps Showroom Collection visit or phone our showroom for prices 0044 1322 550061.

InSinkErator Showroom Collection

InSinkErator Brushed Gold Taps

Lifts Might Soon Have Emergency Toilets

Leave it to Japan to come up with the most unconventional solutions to its problems. Due to the amount of power-outages it has been having due to another powerful earthquake that shook the islands South of Tokyo on Saturday evening, it has been determined that bathrooms must be installed inside of elevator lifts to provide portable toilets and emergency drinking water in case anyone becomes trapped for hours during a power outage.

According to industry officials, people were trapped for up to 70 minutes in 14 different elevators before rescuers arrived. Being a nation known for being dependable and reliable, this was simply not a situation the country wants repeated.

Especially when seismologists are estimating that when the “next big one” hits Japan, over 17,000 people could potentially become stuck in elevators without knowing how long it will take for help to arrive.

For less urgent toilets please visit to see our massive range or bathroom ceramics with free delivery on everything.



Waterless Urinal – Eco Plus Urinal With Advertising Display.

Waterless Urinal – Eco Plus Urinal With Advertising Display.

Eco plus urinal comes complete with ActiveTrap, ActiveCube and exchangeable advertising display (polycarbonate). This new urinal lets you include your own advertising message so you can rent out to generate advertising revenue! (financing possibility through advertising). Ideal for use in pubs, hotels, sport centres ect.

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Waterless Urinal’s are setting new trends and standards on a daily basis. Manufactured in Switzerland they are enjoying worldwide acceptance and simultaneously bringing hygiene and ecological protection to thousands of wash rooms around the world. As they discover the innovative technology and the high value retention of their water saving products, helping to save millions of litres of clean drinking water in regions where this valuable resource is in short supply or the cost is too high. Such arguments are becoming ever more crucial in an era of climate change. The Waterless Urinal range of products are constructed using eco-friendly materials and production processes. Offering uncompromising quality control and leading technology guarantee durable Waterless Urinals with odourless, hygienic and ecological operation time and again.

Please visit to see the full water saving urinal range.

Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals will save you approx 100,00 litres of water per year.  These Urinals collects the urine and channels it into the waste pipe without flushing, while at the same time sealing in any odours and includes a microbiological cleaning block which prevents build-up of deposits.

  • No water consumption.
  • No pollutant oil is needed.
  • No electric connection required.

Manufactured in Switzerland from the most durable high-tech plastic which is lightweight, easy to install and extremely strong. Please visit to see the full Waterless Urinal range.