Bathroom Design Tokyo

For the first-time visitor to a Tokyo hotel bathroom, the “washlet” control panel can be a bit intimidating: you’ve got control over various angles, pressures, temperatures, and other variables you’ve never given a thought to, all accompanied by obscure pictogram and a voice emanating from nowhere. And in this most hygienic of cities, a bath, too, quickly becomes a multimedia experience. A few tips, for when you can’t find the instruction manual:

The Peninsula Tokyo
With a research-and-development unit employing some twenty engineers, the Peninsula group has long since left the simple cedar tub behind. At The Peninsula Tokyo, in the Marunouchi district, the bathrooms are boxes made from marble, glass and granite, designed for customization freaks: mood lighting, spa music, privacy settings, anti-fogging technology, all for the sake of a high-tech ofuro tub or a washlet from TOTO, the leader in bathroom technology.

taps4less modern bathrooms

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